Technical SEO Training Services

Advanced Technical SEO Training Services For (Marketing Teams, Product Teams, Data/Analytics Teams, Engineers, and SEO's)

Technical SEO Training Services

I have 15 years experience working cross-functionally with small and large teams in organizations. I have partnered with HR teams to produce SEO Courses/Documention as well as conduct in-person/virtual training sessions.

Marketing Teams

  1. Technical SEO Fundamentals: Teaching marketing teams the basics of technical SEO, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and XML sitemaps.
  2. Collaboration with SEO Teams: Teaching marketing teams how to best collaborate with SEO counterparts, sharing useful data sources, etc.
  3. Canonicalization and URL Structure Best Practices: Educating marketers on how to optimize URL structures and canonicalize pages for better search engine rankings.

Product Teams

  1. Technical SEO for Product Development: Teaching product teams about the importance of technical SEO in their development process, including best practices for building SEO-friendly products.
  2. SEO Integration into Agile Development: Providing training on integrating SEO into agile development processes, ensuring that SEO considerations are built into product development from the start.

Data/Analytics Teams

  1. Technical SEO Data Analysis: Teaching data analysts how to analyze and visualize technical SEO data, including traffic, rankings, SERP features, etc.
  2. SEO Analysis Framework for Experiments: Educating data teams on creating a proper analysis framework for SEO testing and experiments including;
    • Identifying pages or product features to experiment on
    • Isolating the elements to test
    • Choosing a hypothesis for the experiment
    • Data collection
    • Independent Groups/Same subjects
    • Calculating necessary sample size
    • Randomizing the sample
    • Hypothesis testing
    • Cohen’s d Interpretation
  • e.g. Using a standardized effect size - (Cohen’s d) for measuring the difference between two group means.
seo analysis framework


  1. Technical SEO for Engineers: Providing training on technical SEO concepts and best practices, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and XML sitemaps.
  2. SEO-Ready Code Development: Teaching engineers how to write SEO-friendly code, including optimizing page load times, compressing images, and using semantic HTML.
  3. SEO Errors & Alerts: Teaching engineers how to configure and monitor SEO alerts, errors, etc.


  1. Advanced Technical SEO Strategies: Providing in-depth training on advanced technical SEO strategies
  2. Technical SEO Tool Integration: Educating SEOs on integrating various technical SEO tools into their workflow.
  3. Python for SEO: Educating SEOs on learning how to use Python for;
    • Automating repetitive tasks
    • Retrieving SEO data from API’S
    • Scraping sites to extract specific on-page data
    • Processing large datasets to produce actionable insights