Updates and New Drawings for Genesis Book Series

26 May 2019 Jered Higgins

What's new?

I have been spending a lot of time doing research, working on drawings & artwork, and writing pages for the next book in the Genesis series. I put together 50 pages of notes I had, completed the first two chapters of the book, and updated several drawings. All the previous artwork was done on paper using mixed media, but since the new book will also be available in digital format I decided to recreate all of my drawings from scratch.


This is one of the original drawings I had scanned and digitally edited...


This is the re-drawn digital image...


This is an early drawing of a "Sun Spot"...


This is the re-drawn "Sun Spot"...



Q: When is the next book coming out?

A: When it is ready... I don't want to rush any part of the next book. In hindsight, I may have published the prequel to the book series too early. However, I don't regret doing so, as my intention with the prequel was always for it to be a supplementary work and not required reading for the Genesis series. I am constantly working on the next book. Frank Herbert spent six years writing the first Dune book - and it was well worth it.

Q: Where can I buy the prequel book?

A: Here -> "Genesis - The Underman"