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29 May 2019 Jered Higgins



I have been spending a lot of time doing research, working on drawings & artwork, and writing pages for the next book in the Genesis series. I put together 50 pages of notes I had, completed the first two chapters of the book, and updated several drawings. All the previous artwork was done on paper using mixed media, but since the new book will also be available in digital format I decided to recreate all of my drawings from scratch. Read my recent post on this here.

"Genesis - The Underman"

"Genesis – The Underman" is the prologue to the "Genesis" series about two individuals and their part in the dystopian future of Old Land and New Land, a separation of class by The Hierarchy, the ruling force. The Hierarchy controls all political, economical, and civil decisions in Old Land, and with that, they control all forms of information available to the public. All information is manipulated. Real information is now a product. History is controlled and erased.

All drawings for the prologue were done on paper with mixed media.

Genesis - The Underman

"Irrational Fears: An Alphabet"

"Irrational Fears: An Alphabet" is a catalog of the English alphabet describing irrational, bizarre, and eccentric fears. Inspired by Edward Gorey, this book is for adults and children.

All drawings for this book were done on paper and then digitally edited for kindle publishing.

Genesis - The Underman